There are a wide range of Lao hotels to choose from. Whether you prefer to stay in a comfortable hotel that doesn't break your budget or to have the best of everything, you will certainly find a hotel that suits your need.

Even though there aren't big-name international hotels in Laos, there are dozens of hotels that are equally luxurious with 5-star quality to pamper you.

There is also a wide range of cheaper hotels throughout Laos for you to choose from if you are travelling on a budget.

Guest House

The distinction between "guesthouse", "hotel" and "resort" often exists in name only, but legally speaking a guesthouse in Laos has fewer than 16 rooms. They typically occupy large two-storey homes of recent vintage, but occasionally you will find them in more historic and charismatic wooden houses. In places such as Don Det in southern Laos or Muang Ngoi Neua in northern Laos you will come across guesthouse consisting of simple bamoo-thatch huts with shared facilities.

Home Stay

If you wish to experience the real Laos, learn about Lao culture and lifestyle, enjoying a home stay is one of the great ways to fulfill these wishes.

Staying in Lao family homes will give you the experience that you won't normally get when you stay in hotels. You will learn the culture, observe the ways of life of the locals through living in their homes, sharing food with them and taking part in their family activities.

Although there are many homestays on offer around Laos, they're not widely known as they are not advertised as well as they should be.


The term "resort" in the Lao context may be used for any accommodation situated outside towns or cities. Resort are varied. Some resorts provide sport facilities, spa, etc. while others provide more eco-tourism style stays.